Swag Bucks 101

During the recent Cincinnati Women Bloggers meeting, one of the programs that Andrea (Mommy Snacks) mentioned during her presentation on affiliate marketing and blog monetization that intrigued me was Swag Bucks. Not sure what it was, I decided to check it out, and it’s actually pretty cool. It essentially pays you to search the internet – something I do all the time!

If you are not familiar, Swag Bucks is an online site where you earn ‘Bucks’ for using their search engine to perform your searches. The Bucks you earn are then redeemable for various prizes. It’s that simple.

Swag Bucks is open to the general public, and registration took me less than 3 minutes.

How you earn Swag Bucks:

1. SEARCH: Log in to Swag Bucks when you need to search the internet. They also have a Swag Bucks tool bar that you can install that makes it SUPER easy to do your searching with them.

2. SHOP: Next time you head online to do some shopping, check out the Swag Bucks SHOP. It’s tied to lots of great stores like Liz Claiborne & Macys (they even have coupons!) For every $5 you spend you’ll earn 1 Swag Buck.

3. TRADE IN: Have an old cell phone or MP3 player lying around? Any video games your children no longer play? You can trade them in and win beaucoup Swag Bucks.  The site shows the Swag value of a Motorola SLVR L7 as 44 Swag Bucks!

4. INVITE: Think you’re friends would be interested? Invite your friends to join and you can earn up to 100 Swag Bucks.

Prizes…..Are they worth it? 

Prizes run the gamit from things for your kids to electronics and gift cards and they don’t require you to have ten bajillion points either. Some of the cool items I saw included:

  • Belkin Ipod Nano Silicon Case - 55 SB
  • Madden 2002 for the PSP, pre-used – 55 SB
  • Nora Roberts book, A little Magic – 100 SB
  • Various MP3 Singles – 15 SB

I am still in the early stages of checking it out, but so far it looks like a pretty cool program.  You can sign up for Swag Bucks, here.

PS. Swag Bucks is also on Twitter. If you sign up, you should def. follow them as they Tweet special opportunities to earn Swag Bucks!

Search & Win

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  1. Kristen L. says:

    I do swag bucks, and you are right, its easy. I installed the tool bar and have both my husband and my kids using it when they search. The results I want arent always the first link, but I’ve liked it so far.

  2. Jamie says:

    I signed up about a month ago for Swagbucks and so far I really like it. I try to remember to use it as my default search engine. I’ve earned two $5 Amazon gift cards so far but one blogger here in Nashville, Jessica Turner, has earned an AMAZING amount of stuff!

    Jamie´s last blog post… In Chaos There is Comfort

  3. Andy says:

    I can not seem to win any swag bucks i have been searching all day and have yet to get any bucks

  4. Joy says:

    I found this post about Swag Bucks. I researched the Better Business Bureau to confirm this and Swag Bucks has several complaints that have been filed against the site. This post may be genuinely trying to give everyone a heads up about the special offers. So proceed with caution when doing the special offers.

    here is the post…

    Swag Bucks is a Scam

    I love being able to sign up at a site and be rewarded for participating in all of the offers available. It is fun, you meet cool people, and you win prizes.

    Swag Bucks allows you to search the web, participate in surveys, complete daily polls, find swag codes, and refer friends all the while rewarding you with swag bucks. Swag bucks can then be spent on prizes ($5 Amazon gift card is 450 swag bucks). You can also spend swag bucks on swagstakes (sweepstakes/contests).

    Sounds good so far, huh? Here it comes.

    Another way to earn swag bucks is to participate in special offers. These offers may require a purchase some offers are completely free. I participated in several offers. Within the offer description it clearly states that the swag bucks are awarded immediately. I waited 7 days and my account never received credit. I sent an email inquiry and I did not receive a response for two weeks. Once my inquires were addressed I received lame excuses like clean out your cookies and remove your browser history. These are not valid reasons why my account did not receive credit. I submitted the email confirmations of the offers and the offer ID numbers to prove the offers were legitimately completed and still my account has not been properly credited. I have since learned from lots of other members that participate in the site to stay far away from the special offers because you never receive the swag bucks to your account. This repeated pattern of behavior is fraud. Swag bucks is a sham. This site receives a nice referral fee (makes money off of you sharing your information) from these companies for guiding people to these special offers but for Swag Bucks to not properly credit accounts for offers that were legitimately completed is foul. I may be expecting way too much but when a company is profiting from the information you share to take advantage of the special offers the very least Swag Bucks should do is properly credit accounts when offers are legitimately and genuinely completed. Not lie and fabricate reasons to deny you of proper credit. Beware of the special offers with Swag Bucks.

    Oh, that 450 swag bucks you need to receive your very first $5 Amazon gift card it is more like 500 to 520 swag bucks is needed to redeem the gift card. If you have 450 swag bucks the system will not allow you to cash in to receive the gift card. Other people are complaining that it takes 15 days for your PayPal account to receive a credit of $5.00. 15 days! Yeah, this website is foul. Beware!

  5. Cher22 says:

    I have earned $50 in amazon gift cards in less than 2 months on swagbucks. I am happy about that.

    Some special offers have paid me off well with swagbucks and some have not. That does seem to be a problem at times.

    So far I am very pleased with the things I have ordered. I have ordered the deal of the day a couple times, jewelry from Yaysave which I love and didn’t have to pay any shipping, and other items. I was credited with my swagbucks quickly for these kind of items.

    Thank You,

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