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Adventures in Couponing Part 2

A few months ago I wrote about my efforts to start couponing. Having never used them before, I went to the experts – Marianne, Erin, Marcy & Andrea – for help and managed to save $35 off my bill. I was hooked.

Well, after a slow start (totally my fault – due to hectic summer schedule), my couponing efforts are starting to show some pretty good results.  I thought I would share with my experience – how I’ve gotten the ball rolling, and managed to keep more cash in my pocket.

1. REGISTER your “Shopper” card – I JUST finally registered my “shopper” card with my local grocery store. I never realized what the benefit to this was. I thought – if you’re getting the savings in the store, without registering an d giving your info, why register.  Boy was I wrong. You def. want to register your “shopper” card. Our grocery store monitors what you buy, and then periodically sends you personalized coupons for items you ACTUALLY use!  Last week I received an envelope in the mail that not only included coupons I would use, but that included coupons for a few FREE items as well. That’s right — FREE. My packet included a coupon for a bottle of Free Kraft dressing and for Free store brand hand soap.

2. Plan ahead – I know it sounds simple, but if you really want to save, you have to plan ahead. Don’t just make your list and head out the door. Take the time to look over your store’s circular. Almost every week our grocery store features some great deals – 10 for $10, etc. I’ve found that I can really save big if I tailor my list that week to what the week’s bargains are. Along the same lines, as you prepare for the grocery, check out sites like those of my friends linked above. Each week they scour the ads for most grocery/pharmacy/big box stores and match up the sales to the coupons that are out there. They do all the heavy lifting! All you have to do is find your store, review their match ups and then print out the coupons they’ve linked to.

3. Coupons – Did you know there are more ways to find coupons than just the Sunday paper? I had no clue. There’s an entire couponing industry out there! Check out and register with sites like Coupons.com, Cellfire.com (sends coupons right to your phone!), ShortCuts.com, and others. Also, check out your grocery store’s web site. Our grocery store has a section that links to coupon sites that you can download to your shopper card or print from your home computer. It takes a little time – checking each site, but it’s totally worth it in the end.  Finally – there are sites out there that clip coupons for you. You can actually go to sites like Coupons and Things by Dede and order coupons from them. The cost is really low – and they arrive within a few days.

4. Is it really worth it? The answer…. YES! While it is laborious to have to go through the ads, find the coupons, print them, organize, etc. if your saving a good amount of money, than it’s worth the effort.  I’ll give you an example.  Yesterday afternoon I spent about an hour, reviewing my friends sites, my store’s circular and matching up coupons to my list prior to heading out to the store.  What was the ROI on my hour?  $54 in savings! That’s right.  Just over  1/3 of my bill was reduced my using coupons! To me, that is worth it!

Hope you have found this helpful. Couponing can be overwhelming.  If you have any tips you’d like to share (like how to keep all these coupons organized…..), feel free to leave then in the comments.

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4 Responses to “Adventures in Couponing Part 2”

  1. I have been slacking lately! I haven’t used a coupon all summer and the grocery bills don’t lie! It is work, but worth it when you save so much money!!

  2. Make sure you check to see if your store is running a special promotion. Last month I got $35 worth of $5 off your next order coupons by buying items from General Mills, Kraft and Unilever. Well worth the time and effort!

  3. WOW. $54? That is awesome. I am going to look into this couponing!

  4. If you like Barbecue (or free stuff), here’s a link to a game where you can win free Curly’s products.


    You can play once each day during the promotion, and you can also print a coupon for $1 off.

    Please pass it along to other barbecue fans!

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