Making Traveling with Kids Easier

Knowing that summer officially ends tomorrow when the kiddos head back to school has me more than just a little blue.  You see, we are a family that loves adventure. We love to travel and teach our kids about the world through real-world experiences. Whether it’s something as simple as a trip to a nature park, or across the country so they can experience the beach, it’s all about hands-on learning and experiencing the world together (we’re making lots of memories people!).

Look how bored the boys look on the Megabus!

So as you can imagine with school about to be back in session, I am already dreaming about how we might spend our fall break this year.  Will we return to Mammoth Cave National Park? Will we travel to visit my friend Becky in North Carolina? Perhaps an overnight trip to Indy? Only time will tell.

I started thinking about all of this because today a representative with the Toy Industry Association sent me a YouTube video with toy related travel ideas (where was this video two weeks ago when we went to San Diego!). And while the video shares ideas related to summer travel, I think the ideas are really great year-round.  So… I am sharing it with you because let’s be honest, traveling over long periods of time is BORING, regardless of if you are a kid or an adult. Why not make it fun and help the time go by faster?

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  1. Michelle Spelman says:

    Yay for UNO! Did you know it was invented by the Merle Robbins family right here in Cincinnati?! And don’t forget another local Cincinnati-invented family card game, Jukem Football. :) Jukem’s inventor was a little boy when UNO was being created. His family knew the Robbins family and he was one of the first kids to play UNO. That experience inspired him when he got the idea for his own game. It’s another perfect travel takealong!

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