Time to Grab The Bull By The Horns

Me in Vegas last year.

Last year with my 10 year anniversary approaching, I decided to take the weight loss bull by the horns and get down to business on getting back to my pre-mom weight.  Many of you may recall that I was successful, and I was actually able to hit my goal weight just days before we headed off to Las Vegas to celebrate our anniversary.

While I was able to make it through the winter months without packing any of the weight back on, like many of you have probably experienced, I started to slack on my diet and my workouts.  I got too confident and comfortable, and I definitely forgot how good it felt to have reached my goal and some of the weight came back.

Which brings us to today.. one year later. While I have not regained all of the weight back, (I lost a little over 20lbs), the gain is enough that I am freaking out a little. I have no one to blame but myself really. I have been slacking on my diet… eating things I know I shouldn’t. I certainly haven’t been exercising enough – I can’t even blame the heat because we have an exercise bike and a weight bench in the family room.

20120907-112206.jpgDetermined to reclaim my goal weight, I am taking action and thanks to the YMCA, about to embark on a new weight loss adventure.

I took the first steps earlier this week and met with Nick, a trainer at the Campbell County YMCA. Nick gave me a tour of the facility and told me about some of the things you have access to as a member. I have to say I was excited. Not only can you work out at the Y, but they have fitness classes, SPIN CLASSES – My FAVORITE, classes for kids including Hip Hop which my youngest has been dying to do and more. They even offer swim lessons, have organized soccer and host events throughout the year. Oh… and did I mention they have a pool? And not just an outdoor pool… but an indoor pool too so we’ll be able to take the boys swimming all winter long (one of the things I miss most about canceling our Silverlake membership last year).

At the end of our meeting I was excited, and not just because I’ll have access to spin classes again, but because my whole family is going to really enjoy the Y. It’s going to be something we can enjoy together.

I returned to the Campbell County YMCA this morning to meet with Nolan and take a “strength test.” Nolan had me try my hand at several of the machines and even made me do sit ups…..(I am sure I looked ridiculous….) He took my results and entered them into a system they use called ActiveTrax which builds custom workout programs for you. Now when I go back to workout all I will have to do is log into their computer and it will print out a workout designed just for me (based on my strengths).

My initial workout plan is to head to the Y twice a week for strength-building plus attend one or two spin classes a week. Nolan wants me to have 30 minutes of cardio a day so I will be supplementing my trips with visits to my stationary bike in the family room and walks (not leisurely, I promised Nolan….) through my neighborhood.

Stay tuned. I’ll be kicking things off tomorrow…….


Disclosure: The YMCA was kind enough to provide me with a membership so that my family could experience the YMCA and all that it has to offer. I’ll be chronicling my efforts here at MommyBits and periodically on my other blog, Family Friendly Cincinnati.

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