Off…. and Not Yet Running


And there it sits… Right where it landed last Friday after I left my strength test at the YMCA in Ft. Thomas.  I hate to report that it’s been almost a week and I still have not made it to the Y for my first workout.  I know it’s not an excuse, but things have been so busy at home and at work.  I am so disappointed in myself. Really, I am. And it doesn’t help that each morning I step on the scale and I hate what I see.


Disclosure: The YMCA was kind enough to provide me with a membership so that my family could experience the YMCA and all that it has to offer. I’ll be chronicling my efforts here at MommyBits and periodically on my other blog, Family Friendly Cincinnati. You can also follow along on Twitter at the hashtag #WhyTheY


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  1. Andi says:

    Aw don’t be so hard on yourself! I do look forward to hearing your report from hip hop class. My Y doesnt offer that one and just as well because I’m not coordinated, but I have a lot of heart.

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