Young Men, There’s No Need To Feel Down

One of the great things about my trial YMCA membership is that my entire family can use it. Today I am thrilled to welcome a guest post from my husband Marty.  Marty was super excited to learn about my partnership with the Y and headed to use their facilities within days of me receiving my complimentary membership (see disclosure at the end of this post).


We all remember that song, but have you been to the YMCA recently? If not, it’s time to see what has changed about the Y since that song came out.

The YMCA is everywhere that you are, plus some. Probably the single largest selling point for the YMCA is how you typically buy into a regional program and not just a single location. What this means is that you can generally use any YMCA in a particular region, not just the one where you signed up. This has multiple benefits. First, if there is one YMCA near your office you can work out there and then work out at another with the kids on the weekend. Going out of town? No problem. I recently traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina and visited the University YMCA. It was convenient to my hotel and the YMCA was a superb facility, complete with sauna and steam room (my favorite feature). The YMCA membership is designed with location freedom in mind.

One of the regional benefits is the available programs or facilities at particular YMCA programs. One location may offer in-house child care, while others may have different facilities, like pools, sauna and/or steam rooms. One of my personal favorite locations is the Central Parkway YMCA in Downtown Cincinnati. It has a sauna, a steam room and whirlpool present. It has off street parking available and coffee for whenever I visit. I find the facilities the closest to our home as well. The benefit is that if I have our kids, I would choose another facility, like the RC Durr location in Boone County. They have a great pool, childcare and a greater family attendance than the Downtown location. That makes it situationally convenient.

There are a ton of other benefits, like ActiveTrax (a workout planner), discounts for Camp Ernst and free wifi available by location. If I were going to give you a few personal tips for getting the most out of your membership, do the following:

  • Take a towel with you. Not all YMCA locations have towel service. I have found the some do sell towels though (if you are out of town).
  • If you are using the Y out of town, let them know upfront. They’ll put you in their local computer system. Generally, you can use that facility for a specified period or number of times.
  • I have a small combination lock that I keep appended to my backpack. It makes it easier. However, I have found that if you forget your lock, most have them for loan (id required).
  • Make sure that you have soap in your personal kit. Locations vary by whether or not soap is available.

There are myriad benefits of the YMCA. It’s has evolved and it continues to do so. The membership and flexibility they provide as a region is second to none. If you’re considering a gym membership and haven’t thought about the YMCA, I’d recommend considering as it is a great value and seemingly everywhere that you’ll need to be. Young man, there’s no need to feel down!


Disclosure: The YMCA was kind enough to provide me with a membership so that my family could experience the YMCA and all that it has to offer. I’ll be chronicling my efforts here at MommyBits and periodically on my other blog, Family Friendly Cincinnati. You can also follow along on Twitter at the hashtag #WhyTheY

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