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08 September 2011 ~ 12 Comments

I’ve “Weighted” Long Enough

Well, I did it. I FINALLY reached my weight loss goal and best part is, I did it by my goal- September 1- the day before we headed off to celebrate our 10 yr anniversary. I can’t believe I did it. I cannot tell you the last time I weighed 135, I know it was [...]

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16 August 2011 ~ 9 Comments

Back to School Means Back to Packing Lunches

A few months ago my husband and I decided to make some pretty big changes to the types of foods our family was eating.  We wanted to start eating healthier and transition processed foods out of our diets. As part of the process I took the time to meet with an amazing local health coach, [...]

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15 August 2011 ~ 5 Comments

What a difference a little dieting can make

    December 2010 August 2011, 20lbs lighter.

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23 July 2011 ~ 3 Comments

Dieting Lesson: Not All Salads Are Healthy

Since being on this diet, salads have come to be my best friend. They are an easy meal to prepare at home and when dining out, just about every restaurant has a couple of good salads on their menu.  One thing I am learning though, is that just because it’s a salad, doesn’t mean it’s [...]

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01 July 2011 ~ 6 Comments

What Have I Been ‘Weight’ing For

I have been dieting again, and it’s finally working. Now, before you roll your eyes at me, remembering all those times I told you I was going to get in shape (see long list of links below), please give me a moment to explain. December 2007 – Rocks (I am back on a diet) [...]

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16 March 2010 ~ 2 Comments

Cincinnati Losers

I’m talking about getting back on track with my weight loss efforts over on Cincinnati Losers.  The past two weeks haven’t gone so smoothly so I am trying a few new things. You can read my blog post — here. Shannan This week: 4 miles

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11 February 2010 ~ 14 Comments

Mommy Bits on Fox 19

If you live in Cincinnati and watch Fox19 news, you may have seen me on their 10 o’clock news last night. PS. It is so weird to see yourself on TV… A reporter with the station contacted me a few weeks ago after reading about my weight loss efforts both here and on the weight [...]

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12 January 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Mommy Bits After Dark….

If you are interested in checking it out, I posted again over on Cincinnati Losers about my weight loss efforts. Perhaps I can help you avoid the hurdles I am experiencing? Shannan

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07 January 2010 ~ 44 Comments

Get Your Sexy Back –’s The Spark Giveaway

GIVEAWAY CLOSED Last week I wrote about how I was once again trying to lose weight. Seems this gal got a little too friendly with the Cherry Cordial ice cream, letting her late night snacking habit get the best of her, and now she’s paying for it with drumstick thighs and a new ginormous rear [...]

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01 January 2010 ~ 5 Comments

I’m a Loser, or Should I Say I Want to Be One

So it’s that time of year where we all make pledges to get fit…..  I am making that pledge too.  If you’d like to join me on my weight loss adventure hop on over to Cincinnati Losers where I’ll be blogging about my efforts along with six other amazing gals. This time I’m not holding [...]

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10 November 2009 ~ 11 Comments

More of Me to Love… and I HATE it

It’s time to stop living the “culinary high-life” and get back on the diet wagon.  I am not sure how it happened, but this has returned: That’s right. My GI-normous, squishy butt and thighs are back.  It’s so depressing. I have no self-control and am now out of control. I can’t take it anymore!! For [...]

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09 March 2009 ~ 1 Comment

It’s Not Really “Working Out”

Ok. I am at it again. Trying to lose 15 lbs and to run a 5K before the summer’s end.  Head over to Cincinnati Losers to read today’s post and see how I am doing, or rather, NOT doing! Would love to hear how any of you are sticking to a workout routine!

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03 January 2009 ~ 12 Comments

Off and ‘Running’ in 2009

If you read my weightloss blog than you know that I’ve been at a stand still with my weight loss – I haven’t lost weight in over a month (not that I’ve been trying hard with the holidays….)! Well… drum roll please…. today is the day I return to the gym and begin training for a 5k. [...]

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06 October 2008 ~ 4 Comments

Trying to be a Loser

Remember – it’s Monday so feel free to head over to Cincinnati Losers to read how I’ve been doing with my weightloss efforts. The last few weeks have been pathetic on my part and this week I’m putting it all out on the table.

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08 September 2008 ~ 5 Comments

A Milestone

As you know, for the past few weeks I’ve been working with six other ladies to lose weight. Well this week I hit a milestone, but I’m not going to tell you about it here. You’ll have to click here! It’s worth it… trust me, you’ll be proud.

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