31 August 2011 ~ 3 Comments

My 6 Year Old Hula Hooping Champion…

The Bman has been obsessed with hula hooping, ever since we attended the Junior League’s Kids in the Kitchen event last April. I can’t remember the name of the group, but they were teaching kids to hula hoop as a form of exercise, and they let him keep his hula hoop (You would have thought they [...]

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25 February 2009 ~ 13 Comments

Wordless Wednesday – Best Friends

A girl and her Mom Click here for more Wordless Wednesday participants!

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02 January 2009 ~ 15 Comments

‘Meme’ories (a little about me)

Over on Facebook my friend Kate tagged me with the “25 Things About Me” Meme. Never one to turn down a challenge, here are 25 things about me that you might not have known. Hopefully you’ll find them interesting! Here are the rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with [...]

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01 November 2008 ~ 116 Comments

Welcome. Take off Your Shoes and Stay Awhile.

The Mommy Bits Moving Day Giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered, tweeted, blogged and updated their blogrolls/readers. Check back later tonight (after I put the kids to bed) for the winners!   Hello and welcome to the new home of Mommy Bits!!  I am so excited to finally unveil the new design and [...]

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